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    The secret of the Ayurvedic massage


The Ayurvedic massage is one of the most effective means to slow the process of aging of the skin and achieve the softness and shine, because it cleanses, nourishes and strengthens in a deep cellular level   

Skin care routine is sufficient - and necessary - to remove dirt and dead cells accumulated during the day. But only the deep action of detoxification and rejuvenation massage can eliminate the ama and the waste stored under the skin cell that according to Ayurveda, are the precipitating factor of genetic decay and disease.

The Ayurvedic massage is also a very powerful tool for managing stress, because it reopens the locked channels of energy and balances the psychophysiology.

In fact, Ayurvedic massage functions at various levels to reduce stress, improve immune function, revitalize the body and increase the energy of the same. First massage relaxes, tones the muscles and stimulates the glands in the dermis to produce hormones, including serotonin, which calms the mind and emotions. It also promotes the drainage of the lymphatic system which works as a filter for the blood plasma and plays an important role in immunity.

The lymphatic liquid while nutrients to the cells and collects the waste ce lulares and foreign particles. Through ganglia waste washed and purified plasma is returned through the heart of return to the bloodstream. However, unlike the blood system, which is maintained in constant circulation through the heart's pumping action, the lymphatic system does not have a drive mechanism itself.

The lymphatic flow depends on muscle contractions to pump its network of vessels when the muscles are inactive, unfiltered liquid stagnates in the vessels and nodes, weakening the line of Defense of the body against illnesses.

Massage is of vital importance for health because it works the muscles and draining lymph nodes. It is the only way that we have the majority of those who live in this world of sedentary work, apart from exercise, to keep the flow of the lymphatic system.


Several of the benefits of Ayurvedic massage are directly derived from the use of oils and herbs, which intensify the purification process and at the same time nourish the skin and relax the mind. For the body and face Ayurvedic oils are prepared based on pure essences, these so-called essential oils have antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties due to medicinal herbs, and a molecular density similar to the skin, so it can easily penetrate.

When they have penetrated inside the body massage oils have many effects more apart from soften and soothe the skin. Its nutrients come directly into the bloodstream through the large number of capillaries of the skin co massage, oil lubricates the internal environment, it loosens the accumulated toxins and takes them to the digestive tract to be eliminated.

Contemporary scientists have discovered that another benefit of Ayurvedic massage is to reduce the activity of free radicals of oxygen, determinant of Cellular Aging, cancer and heart disease.

Free radicals are unstable oxygen atoms that are randomly combined with other molecules - which oxidize them - usually to the detriment of the host cell. Research says that these oxidizers, to the proliferating molecules increase stress and reduce immunity.

In his studies Dr. Hari Sharma, of the school of medicine at Ohio University, found a free reduction significant lipid peroxide, radical present in the blood, after just three days of subjecting patients to a detox with Ayurvedic massage treatment, which implies that the immune response improves.

All massages are performed with high quality oils.

     Massage of the nape of the neck, arms and head to relieve spasms in the cervical area.
     Time approx. 40 min. Price 25.

     Indian head massage.
     Holistic therapy that allows you to feel the totality during and after is its application.
     Time approx. 45 min. Price 30.

     Massage of the feet. The relaxing effect extends throughout the body.
     Time approx. 45 min. Price 30.

     Lymphatic drainage, eliminates toxins and activates metabolism.
     Time approx. 70 min. Price 45.

     Energetic massage that gives new forces and energies. 
     Time approximately 60 min. Price 45.

     Massage of the whole body, activates circulation and nervous system.
     Relaxing against the stress.
     Time approximately 90 min. Price 50.

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